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Rebecca Hall.

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New York v. If porn depicts kids,. The statute survives. Joe Bearden. Trial of Sir Walter Raleigh.

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Then you are Admissions Doctrine. Statements I make. I will sit silent.

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If asked if I read today. Frye test rests on. Jurors can be smart!

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The creativity bled over into other student communications. One day the air conditioning was not working in the classroom. After class, this message from student Chris Roth was in my inbox:. It is so damn warm.

Another day I received this in an email before class from student Ned Dutton :. One day I canceled a reading assignment and received this from student Rebecca Sussman, whom I must say has discovered a genuine gift for haiku :. A sigh of relief,. Gonna ignore that reading. Hello, sweet Netflix! Sussman also apologized for an absence this way:. The class glared at me! Rude, loud coughing wouldn't end! I hate bronchitis. Leading up to the review session, student Caroline Geiser sent this:. Seaman was great. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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44 Haiku for 44 Presidents

Authors Christine Corcos Daniel J. Herbert 1 A. Shah 1 A. Lawrence 1 D. Dre 1 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 4 Dr. Seuss 5 Dr.

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White 1 E. Nisbet 1 E. White 2 E. Hayek 1 F. Scott Fitzgerald. Great Gatsby The Novel 1 F. Wells 1 H. Chambers Jr. Salinger 1 J. Rowling 2 J.

Tellkampf 1 J. Visit our adblocking instructions page. Telegraph News. Polk M arch 4, - March 4, Democrat Oversaw large expansion and opened the US Naval Academy 12 Zachary Taylor March 4, - July 9, Whig A slave owner with little political experience, died after 16 months 13 Millard Fillmore July 9, - March 4, Whig Ordered free states to return runaway slaves to their masters 14 Franklin Pierce March 4, - March 4, Democrat Considered one of the worst presidents, sought to expand slave trade. Reunited the country and abolished slavery, then assassinated.

Shot dead in Dallas. Ended Cold War, boosted economy.