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This spell, from the start, was worse than the others. Abel struggled more and his cries were weaker.

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He tried to fight, but his brain simply did not send the right messages to the right places, and his wee little heart was too weak to handle the stress of it all. In my gut, I knew it was time. Joe and I held him and cried over him and wanted so badly to beg him to stay, and to keep fighting. Our hearts shattered into a million pieces.

Abel Joseph Woodward had lived for a wonderful, yet difficult 4 hours and 11 minutes. During that time we felt joy and agony, relief and pain. We were the happiest and the saddest. In the end, that extra 18th chromosome that inhabited each of the tiny cells in his wee little body made our son too beautiful for this world.

His purpose simply could not be contained by his earthly body, as it turned out to be much more mighty than what could reasonably be confined by skin and bone. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Too Beautiful View Larger Image.

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Too Beautiful. But now, like so many other things, I hear it entirely differently in this moment, in the after.

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In the after, this song is a song about Abel. Life now has two distinct parts: before Abel and after Abel. After fighting through just over 14 hours of labor and six minutes of pushing, Abel Joseph Woodward was born into this world at a. But, as he had done all through my pregnancy, he fought on and was born making the most beautiful little cry.

It was the absolute greatest sound.

Before I lay me down to sleep

As his breathing continued to stop and restart, my doctor told us that she believed Abel was telling us it was time. This was shattering — in an instant our hopes of bringing Abel home and having days or weeks or months to spend with him were seemingly dashed. Prosen grabbed a small cup of holy water and, at a. We were elated, but it was also agonizing to watch him struggle. During this stretch of time, we got to do some really special things with Abel, including giving him a bath and feeding him.

So today, let us ponder and consider the deeper meaning of these words and what they teach about life and how they help you go to sleep in faith and with confidence.

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  6. Consider how this prayer with the faith and affirmation it provides, can help you surrender to sleep with assurance that you are safely held in the arms of love. You have probably guessed by now what prayer I am talking about. It goes like this…. There is no cost and no obligation, no further commitments on your part and you can opt out at any time. Fill in the form above or read more about our free gifts. Want To Help?

    Support Our Work by clicking below and making a donation to help continue our work and help individuals, like you, connect deeply with their Higher Self. It has been priceless and I am grateful for the gift of your presence in my life. Her "Meditations for Daily Joy" is truly a heartfelt creative work of advanced consciousness. I especially enjoyed her Feeling Free Meditation in which she teaches a powerful breath and awareness visualization for transforming feelings.

    She has a very soothing and comforting speaking voice which also contributes beautifully to her work. Generally speaking, the message is the same--relax, let go, visualize, etc. I had actually died before I could wake. I continued in death for some unknown minutes and then was revived and kept in a deathlike coma for 13 days; a time that I, gratefully, have no memory of whatsoever.

    GODSQUAD: 'Now I lay me down to sleep' prayer has obscure origins

    And, it came to me at t hat time on that night that I had died in the bed I was currently lying down in and thinking of this old childhood prayer. For a while that evening this was a very disturbing realization. In time I got used to it and I drifted off to sleep in my deathbed many times. In time we all drift off our dying bed if we are lucky enough to find our way there for our time of dying.

    I can only pray I did. Well, well, well, so I can die easy Well, well, well Well, well, well, so I can die easy Jesus gonna make up, Jesus gonna make up Jesus gonna make up my dying bed. I dearly wished my mother had actually been beside me, to tell me not to be alarmed, to assure me that all was well, to affirm my life.

    All the things moms do. Your night dreams seem to stop when you wake and sometimes you remember them, sometimes not. But do dreams really stop when you wake? I think not, your perception simply changes. Your mind is not part of your body, it just hangs out there for a spell. Dreams are what your mind is when the body is inert as when sleeping. If your body dies before you wake the dreams of your mind will continue on forever. Are you ever consciously aware that you are dreaming while you are dreaming? There seem to be built in safeguards to prevent that from happening but it can be done.


    Typically, if you become consciously aware that you are dreaming you will awake. There is a fine line that cannot be crossed. It takes practice. Go right up to the edge and not one micron more, otherwise, POOF! And you have to start over. Push it. See how far you can go. Not too far. The space between here and there is less than the width of an atom.

    One one hundred millionth the size of a quark. But it does exist, you know it does. Because you cross it every time you go to sleep and wake. If you could only pass through solid walls so easily.