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Wrapping gifts is always a bit of a competitive sport in the Betsy Benn household and this year is no exception.

Betsy is labelling her gifts with old family photos of each person and they have to hunt their cute or potentially cringe-worthy pictures themselves. We find that those pesky Dads and other family members who are tricky to buy for often love gifts that honour their favourite memories of the past, and our Destination Prints offer an amazing way to display their fondest recollections:.

7 Differences Between Christmas Past and Christmas Future

Yes, we bring our traditions and preferences for the Christmas routine with us, but every year we get to decide what we want to do, no matter what the past routine has been. Stuart, our artworker, has a cracking family tradition where, after dinner, each person has to perform a little something. It could be a song, a tune on the guitar or our favourite reciting some old verse like the Magna Carta in a funny accent.

And yet there are so many gorgeous and creative ways to display photographs!

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A subtle and stylised way to capture the present is with our Family Silhouette Print. Remember just how little the kids are, and include all the family members who are less comfortable in front of the camera using the flattering silhouette effect. I should also add that many of the songs on this recording are tunes that are heard less frequently around Christmas time.

Christmas Traditions, Past and Present - HISTORY

Where to even start with this music? John Paris has nothing to worry about as he makes his way up and down the piano in a wave of sound that will take you to another land for the holidays. Track six takes us into a melting pot of chords and melodies that drip like butter from the piano keys.

christmas past and present

March 21, - September 24, It is with great sadness that…. The grand traditions of Christmas…both old and new Most of us will always have a special place in our hearts over the festive season for the sheer joy of attending and taking part in all sorts of Christmas concerts, whether it be at school, at church, or at countless community events and attractions that are all blessed with a spectacular display of colour, song, and joy.

Christmas Past and Present

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