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Letters of recommendation are especially poor detectors of TOB; unstructured phone follow-up is not much better. Many managers have difficulty detecting and dealing effectively with the dysfunctional behavior of their direct reports. They can remain unaware of TOB for extended periods of time because:.

What to do About High Performing but Toxic Employees

Even if a leader becomes aware of toxic behavior in an employee, they may avoid dealing with it directly because:. The combination of leader unawareness and avoidance can result in the presence of toxic behavior for months and even years in an organization with harmful effects on morale, performance, and the bottom line. The best strategy for dealing with toxic behavior is prevention.

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Here are best practices based on the traditional three-level prevention model:. Primary Prevention: The most powerful prevention strategy is using practices that prevent people with these traits from being hired in the first place. Another effective primary prevention practice is to inform potential candidates about the core success competencies for a position some of which should be the exact opposite of toxic behaviors , you can alert them that they will be assessed for these behaviors during the initial period of employment.

Having documented clear and ongoing communication about and efforts to improve the situation lays the groundwork for a relatively smooth process. To contact Brightman, visit his website. By Baird Brightman 4 minute Read. Chris Edmonds - YouTub e. Click here for more information. Training magazine, published by Lakewood Media Group, is a professional development magazine that advocates training and workforce development as a business tool.

Managing and Coaching Toxic Employees

Skip to main content. Search form Search. Train Leaders to Address Toxic Behavior When leaders proactively set values ground rules and hold everyone accountable for aligned behavior, trust and respect increase. That leads to higher engagement, improved customer service, and better results. Article Author:. Why is toxic behavior tolerated in organizations? My research has found two primary drivers: First, most leaders see their jobs as managing results. If all a leader focuses on is output, people may behave badly to deliver. Sample ground rules include: I engage everyone in a respectful manner.

I do not act or speak rudely or discount others. I am honest and do what I say I will do. I celebrate success. From the Editor.

Putting People First. This may mean involving human resources, which is both smart from a groundwork perspective and also useful for you professionally. Many HR professionals will offer advice and guidance on how to help turnaround an underperforming or toxic employee.

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They can work with you on finding solutions to the problem before it escalates to something even bigger. And again, human resources can help with that process. Although a private conversation with your employee is a good place to tackle nitty gritty details,letting things pass in a group environment can send the wrong message.

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