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Once again you can hit all the way up, the power is all about backswing. Second, the put marker indicate the perfect speed for the situation. If for some reason the speed suggested does not suit you, you still have to put the marker to the speed you wish, since it will indicate to the game the speed you are aiming for the game will make slight adjustment if you manage to get in this speed area with your downswing.

I use a closer and higher camera when I do my putting swing. Go to practice green to train on your distance, and remember for each distance the placement of your putter head at the end of the backswing. Each green speed will impact your distance. On fast it will be 6 meter. Practice, practice, practice. For some put with a very strong break right or left, you might want to use tiny more power, or the slope will push the ball before the hole, even if you aimed very strongly to compensate break.

Some put downhill on fast green can be a nightmare with strong break, and sometime on just need to push the ball a tiny and let the slope do it's magic or witchcraft.. If you use this method, always use the same kind of shoes, and do not change your putter head or it will mess all your visual clues. Reading the breaks is a question of experience, and you will get it the more you play, but you will miss some, make some.

But at least if you get your speed right the second put should be a tap in most of the time. That is what I do, I am very OK regarding putting, it is a part of my games I am confident in, not like chipping.. And sometime, well, not so much..

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But if you get your speed right, you should avoid 3 puts if the green not too diabolic. Last edited by Gotku ; 11 Sep, am. Showing 1 - 15 of 19 comments. Smith View Profile View Posts. Some great tips, thank you. How do you move the camera when putting? Now you start you backswing, you cannot stop it to adjut your power, it is the timing of when you start the downswing.. Thrangar View Profile View Posts.

The magnetic affect of the putting marker is game killing Nice post with some helpful tips! Originally posted by Thrangar :. Oh, wait a minute. I get it. The default marker position marks the distance you need to put for the situation. You still however need to control your power for that particular distance through how far you take the backswing before you do your downswing.

My problem is still that I can't consistently know how far to do a backswing on level ground for say 25, 40, 55 and 70 feet. There is no mark on the backswing to consistently get close tothose distances Maybe I just don't see it I guess as it seems that I'm the only one having this problem. I kind of get a feel for it, but the area where the putter backswing goes from horizontal to vertical is where I consistently get screwed up in my head I have trouble judging the power there How do I use overhead camera while putting?

Last edited by hein. Hmm, interesting. Thanks for the tips, OP. Wirenut48 View Profile View Posts. The default placement for uphill is pretty close in most conditions. But is set for the ball to die at the hole, so may need to add another 2 ft to help hold the line as the ball will break more as it slows down. Then you take your swing for the length given on the marker.

Compensation will need to be made on unusual situations like when the rise in elevation is only a short segment of the overall distance. In this case less power would be needed as the ball is traveling on flat terrain the majority of the distance. Down hill, by default it sets the marker 1 ft in front of the hole so you will need to make adjustments as per the formula above without the extra 2 ft.

Again putt with the strength needed to match the distance on the marker. Putts with strong breaks and fast greens you may have to putt almost sideways to get the ball above the hole and let gravity take over. Backswing distant is a learned process that only achieved by practice. If you play real golf the swing on the ani can be used to judge the distance in the same way. Once you get that visualization down it's pretty true to life. Once you get the hang of it it can be very rewarding and a fun part of the game. This was also invaluable in learning how to better coach my incoming freshmen.

We had a very large freshman class coming in. Five of my team of nine were incoming freshmen. The team was completely blown away at what they learned about themselves and about their golf game. I started the year by taking the team away on a retreat and taught them about the GolfPsych system. Everyone was very excited and ready to get our tournament schedule started.

We started out the year ranked 63rd in the NAIA. All during the fall season our starting lineup consisted of 4 freshmen. Anyway, we did very well in the fall, more good days then bad and the guys were trying their best to implement the principles taught in GolfPsych. We started out the spring with a bang by finishing 3rd in our first tournament. We were thrilled! We beat 6 other teams ranked in the NAIA top 20! Previously we were division III and were ranked for over 4 years straight but the NAIA is an entirely different animal — much tougher competition. To make an already long story shorter, we eventually made the National Championship in Olathe, Kansas.

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Only 27 teams from the NAIA qualify each year. I projected it would take 2 years to get this team ready to compete regularly on the national level. Happily, I was very wrong. GolfPsych really gave our team a competitive edge. We really had strong principles to cling to. That was the difference that got us to the National Championships. With a still very young team, we could be set up to have huge things happen in the next few years. Summer is here and things are looking up for my golf game!

After a few months of tweaking my mental game and after finally getting my physical game on track, I am doing better and have more fun. After placing a solid 26th in the highly competitive AJGA tournament, I placed sixth yesterday and first today in two local but hotly contested tournaments. Although I demonstrated great consistency in the AJGA tournament last week, today was the day that I found and used the power of my new mental abilities.

Although I played a great round with only a few hiccups, it was still only enough to force a playoff. That focus and resolve that I have been searching for is here and so is the confidence. I just finished reading the e-version of your newsletter and found it a very good refresher. I believe Brent has been in touch and told you of his recent successes.

He attributes much of that to your work with him and the fact that his growth has stabilized a bit. While I was thinking about it I thought I would give you some feedback. Personal details deleted.

The other day I finally took time to get my professional to look at my swing, and actually practiced — mostly on chipping and putting. I was able to relax knowing I could execute the shot required if I could visualize and get into the feel mode. I am happy and thankful to you both, and Brent and I are constantly talking about what we learned with you. In two weeks my partner and I will attempt to win our flight in our big member-guest for the third year in a row.

You can tell which ones are strong mentally; they are the ones at the top of the leaderboard! Really felt that I should respond since the clinic. Really seems good to be able to see it and hit it with more and more self-reliance that it will be where it needs to be when the shot is finished. Now the results, since golf is score related the results are beginning to show — last 4 rounds: 79,78,78,73 and the 73 was just a pleasant walk in the open outdoors. After I looked at my scorecard I could have easily had 6 to 8 birdies in a row during one stretch. I had a great time and the school was one of the best that I have been to!!

Better Balance = Better Shots

I am excited about golf again and I have already started using the techniques in my lessons. Thanks for everything.

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I am pretty sure there no way I can ever repay what you and your teaching have done for my game, not to mention my life. I can honestly tell you and anybody who asks me or reads this that the reason that I am the player I am today is not just because of the balls I hit in practice, but more due to the lessons I have learned putting your teachings into play.

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And the best part is, not only has it made a better player, but it has made me a better person too off of the golf course. Again thank you for everything! Peyton in particular told me after his round last Friday, with astonishment in his voice, that when you see the shot first in your mind, then it happens. Peyton finished 2nd in a field of 24 last week and 2nd yesterday in a field of 8 3 shots out of first.

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He finished 7th last week and down in the pack yesterday. Handicap is down to 11 now, continuing to work on strengthening my pre-shot routine skills. Hope you and Deborah are enjoying summer. Peyton played in the State Championship for 10 and 11 yr olds this past weekend. He finished tied for 4th with 2 other players and won the playoff on the second hole—got up and down for par on both playoff holes.

Use your Brain to Break 100 in Golf

Had the 3rd lowest score of the final round and was only 4 shots out of first. The boys who finished above him were all 11, so next year looks very promising. Hope you and Jon are doing well. I did shoot 62 with 8 birdies and won some money. A lot of that is thanks to the talk we had the night before. Thanks for the advice in the email! It was windy, cold and rained all day.

Spencer had never seen or played the course before.

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He won the tournament by three shots! Thank You! That was a breakthrough for me. It proved to me your plan works if I work the plan. Thank you!! Thank You. I had my first hole in one yesterday while playing with 2 of my GolfPsych students. The shot was hit with a good mental pre-shot routine and the ball tracked exactly as I had visualized it.

Earlier in the round I had very similar results from a full mental pre-shot routine and left it 8 inches short of the cup. The more I teach the better I apply the tools. Thanks for the experience!!!!!!! Then came the spring. Personal details deleted The other day I finally took time to get my professional to look at my swing, and actually practiced — mostly on chipping and putting. Anyway, thanks again and keep in touch! And the newsletter is great! Subject: Another trophy in the case Hi Deborah, Peyton played in the State Championship for 10 and 11 yr olds this past weekend.

The instructors are very willing and dedicated to help me succeed, and have helped me create a solid mental routine that can withstand anything I face on the course. Golf Psych has absolutely helped improve my confidence both in myself and in my golf game. I have seen myself trusting my swing and committing to my shots, and it is all thanks to you! Skylar Junior Golfer.