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Why the Problem with Learning Is Unlearning

Unlearning is about challenging the established, and questioning the accepted. Take the future of work. And so will students. See how we're changing education.

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Unlearn: to make an effort to forget your usual way of doing something so that you can learn a new and sometimes better way Cambridge Dictionary. Leadership for good starts here. There is also the obsolescence of that knowledge due to the fast changing nature of technology and the prosumer these workers are now having to serve.

What to Unlearn

Almost as important as storing the knowledge is the need to help these workers unlearn all they know as they will need to learn about new technology applications in the form of renewables, electric vehicles and consumer enablement tools in a changing industry. To refuse to adapt is to get swept away by the sea of change.

I had to unlearn most of what I knew about this industry to build an innovative business.

Forget what you know - Jacob Barnett - TEDxTeen

After working at a power station for several years I had learned a lot good and bad. I had to unlearn a lot of the old habits - customer service was something I'd never had to bother with at the power plant, as long as the turbines worked I was happy, but it proved critical to the my business - and this was key in bringing about the change that was required.

So what is the value of unlearning? The most obvious benefit is recognizing and stopping the stifling mindset that is manifested unintentionally when we feel we know.

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  6. It's the 'this is how I or we've always done it' syndrome. The ability to rid yourself of old ideas that are no longer relevant in the new economy will be key as you plow into the future. For you the individual, in the new economy, unlearning and then learning something new will keep you innovative, relevant and valuable to your company. This was because the people I was surrounded by were all working for someone, and they put that thought in my head at a very young age.

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    When I re-educated myself that money is something that can be earned when you can provide a quality service or product, it totally changed my perception about money. Now I offer my services to people who need them, and they pay me money. The more people I offer my services to, the more money I make.

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    List any five thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back or are limiting your true potential. Learning is important, but unlearning is more important as it will give you a whole new perspective on the existing beliefs you have. Learn to empty your cup before filling it!